Stimulus relief package update and your wellbeing 23.03.2020

We have been inundated with calls and emails regarding the Stimulus on offer, please note we are still waiting for the measures to pass legislation. We are hopeful this will occur today (23/03/2020) and tomorrow (24/03/2020) and whilst we are waiting, we have started to work though the applicability for our clients. This will take a bit of time so please bear with us and keep in mind many of these measures will not come into effect immediately so we do have some time.

If you are looking to apply to your bank for a loan deferral, please get in touch with us as many of the banks require up to date financials and it’s best we get started on this sooner rather than later.

Your mental health is also really important, if you feel overwhelmed, isolated or anxious about what is going on in the world then please feel free to reach out to the confidential Acacia Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that you have free access to via your relationship with us. We have attached some information in case you are interested, if you do decide to contact them it will remain confidential (you will have to tell them you are a client of Rose Partners but they will never tell us who contacted them). The EAP is also available for use by your family (they will also need to mention Rose Partners when they call).

For more information:
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Please be assured we are able to continue to support you during this period of uncertainty. We are moving most of the team to work from home from tomorrow (24/03/2020), no matter where they are, all our staff will be able to access files and be contactable through their usual business email and phone number.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our office on 9690 7299.

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