Community and Sponsorship

As much as we love numbers, our hearts beat for the greater good. Our mission goes far beyond our team and our clients. We want to make an impact. We know businesses thrive in strong communities. So we see helping where we can as an extension of a sustainable business.

Not only do we donate money and participate in pro bono work, we encourage our team members to get involved and participate in community events. We all feel that being involved helps connect us. It is a privilege to get involved in these activities. We are proud to have grown a business that can help in an impactful way.

The team at Rose Partners regularly support local community events and fundraising initiatives. We support groups and organisations that do valuable work in our community.

Through direct sponsorship, team participation, and further assistance we have supported the following organisations:

If you would like to contribute or learn more about our community support, please call our office for more information.

It’s time to feel confident about where your business is heading.

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Get all rose partners news