Michael Sojka


Michael is a fellow of CPA Australia, first admitted in 1978 and became a partner of Rose Partners in 1982. He has provided Accounting, Taxation and Business Management Services to a wide range of businesses from industry to retail. From a broad and detailed knowledge base of accounting and business development, Michael has nurtured a particular interest in the Health care sector. Rose Health, a division of Rose partners is comprised of a dedicated team of experts consulting to pharmacists, doctors, dentists, and other allied health care specialists.

Michael has a wealth of current knowledge of the accounting industry but he also has a treasure chest of experience that he is passionate about sharing with his clients.

Michael believes that a good team is the engine of any business. Members of the Rose Partners’ team are chosen on both their actual skill set and their potential to grow and be a part of a vibrant, passionate organisation. To this end Rose Partners has a strong philosophy with regard to mentoring and nurturing both our team members and our clients. We strive to assist our clients to achieve their dreams and control their destiny in ways that are manageable.

With impeccable knowledge of the traditional aspects of accounting and business management Michael also has expertise in actively listening to his clients. His ability to listen carefully is then matched with the exceptional skill of being able to “think outside the square”. Drawing on an extended network of experts, impeccable relationships with the banks and his own experience means that Michael is able to provide a carefully considered range of solutions or options to his clients.

“Some men dream of worthy accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them!” This has been Michael’s creed since he began his career.

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