July 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to this month’s issue of our newsletter. Our aim is to keep you informed about current tax and superannuation related matters.

This month we look at:

  • Division 293 tax – will you be caught? If you’re a high income earner, you may soon be asked to pay an extra 15% tax on the amount of concessional contributions that exceed the $250,000 threshold.
  • The fine line between property development and “merely realising an asset”: The tax consequences between property development and “merely realising an asset” are entirely different.
  • The CGT main residence exemption concessions are very useful: And these concessions can be extraordinarily useful depending on a person’s particular circumstances.
  • The secret life of TFNs: How does the tax return software know what is, and what is not, a valid TFN?
  • Can I add to my super pension? The short answer and alternative solution.

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