April 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to this month’s issue of our newsletter. Our aim is to keep you informed about current tax and superannuation related matters.

This month we look at:

  • Six Super strategies to consider before 30 June: With the end of financial year fast approaching, now is a great time to boost your superannuation savings and potentially save on tax.
  • Important tax residency issues to consider: What happens from a tax point of view when a person leaves Australia part way through the income year?
  • Family companies and the many tax traps: If you own a family company, then it is very important how you receive and treat payments made from the company to you.
  • Selling your home to a developer? Beware the tax consequences: If you find yourself being approached by a developer to sell your home or rental property, go see your tax professional.
  • The tax treatment of compensation payments can be tricky: If you have received an insurance payout for damages to commercial or rental property, it is vital to see your tax professional to help assess how the compensation is treated.
  • Mortgage vs Super: Where should I put my extra cash? As with most financial decisions, there is no one-size-fits-all approach as it depends on a number of factors for each individual.

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