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Rose Health is a Division of Rose Partners, Certified Practising Accountants. Rose Partners expertise is in the provision of Accounting, Taxation and Business Management Services. Rose Health has provided advice to a wide range of businesses and has consulted extensively within the Health sector over a period in excess of 35 years. Rose Health holds the necessary expertise and industry knowledge to provide advice and complete valuations across a wide range of industries. We are an accredited Panel Valuer for Pharmacies with all major Australian Banks. Rose Health's involvement within the health sector includes:

  • Provision of Accounting Services
    • Compliance
    • Detailed Forecasting / KPI's
    • Business Management
    • Wealth Development
    • Acquisitions
    • Sale
    • Dispute resolution
    • Partnership
    • Assistance with Funding
    • Negotiations with all major banks
  • Expert Witness
  • Valuations
  • Key Point Reviews
  • Due Diligence
  • Industry Benchmarking

Industry Experience

Rose Health has a wealth of experience providing these services across many industries, with particular specialisation in the following:

  • Pharmacy
  • Dental
  • Orthodontic
  • Medical
  • Specialist Medical
  • Cosmetics / Laser
  • Allied Health
  • Optometry
  • Child Care Centres
  • Veterinary
  • General Business

Latest News
  • 15,000 tip-offs as ATO black economy hotline rings hot

    Black economy tip-off calls to theATOhave breached the 15,000 mark in the three months since it launched its new tax integritycentre, with cash payments and income declaration among the biggest gripes.

  • What happens when interest rates hit the floor?

    Amid challenges facing central banks in keeping the economy open for business, zero or negative benchmark interest rates are a real possibility. Lets consider what that means for business.

  • Director Penalty Notices (DPN)

    Directors need to be more aware of the increasedATOscrutiny of company reporting and payment obligations.

  • Synchronised global economic slowdown

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) grabbed headlines this month on releasing its latest World Economic Outlook report, downgrading its global growth forecasts to the lowest levels since the 2008-09 financial crisis.